By filling up this form you can both get a estimate without commitments as well as starting to work me. Many garments are available to work on as well as many kinds of inks and pastes that can be used to customize your items.

At the bottom of the page your can find the FAQs that will help you understand the process better. Don’t hesitate to contact me via my social accounts or by emailing me at itsjamiesteezy (at) if you need more specific info or for urgent matters.

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How long will it take to get a reply?

Your request will be processed in 2-4 working days.

With what ink do you print?

I always prefer to use plastisol ink to screen print due to its longevity, durability quality as well as giving the chance to obtain vibrant colours both on light and black-dyed garments.

Do you accept big orders as well?

I’m always open to take in large orders as long as my schedule allows it. Since I work alone, the number of commission projects I can handle depends on the timeframe.

Can you digitalize my artwork?

It’s always possible to get help when preparing the design that will need to be printed or embroidered. Digitalizing the design correctly it’s a key factor to get a neat and crispy print.

What's a Mock up?

A mockup is a visual representation or prototype of the artwork. It provides a preview of how a final product will look, before even printing it.

Can I come for a consultation in person?

If you are located in Helsinki or you can reach the city, I am always very open to have a chat in person!